Selecting the right trailer rental for your specific needs can greatly enhance the success and efficiency of any project—be it personal, recreational, or business-related. With numerous types of trailers available in the market, it is essential to understand their unique features and capabilities to determine which one is the best match for your requirements and budget. Mountain View Trailer Rentals, with two locations serving Calgary and Southern Alberta, is your trusted partner to help you navigate the vast world of trailers and find the ideal rental that checks all the boxes on your list.

At Mountain View Trailer Rentals, we understand the diverse needs of our customers and pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of high-quality, well-maintained trailers to suit varying requirements. From utility and dump trailers to enclosed and flat-deck trailers, we make it our mission to provide exceptional rental experiences paired with expert advice to facilitate informed decisions.

When evaluating your perfect trailer rental match, consider factors such as the intended purpose, load capacity, duration of use, and ease of maneuvering. Moreover, understanding the dimensions and weight restrictions of your project or cargo is essential to ensure a seamless experience and avoid any complications or inefficiencies.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the diverse range of trailers offered by Mountain View Trailer Rentals, detailing their unique features and capabilities to help you find your perfect trailer rental match that fits your needs and elevates your project success.

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information necessary to confidently choose the ideal trailer rental for just about any situation, making your next venture a worry-free and efficient experience. Plus, don’t miss our follow-up post on how to replace trailer lights like a pro, ensuring that your rental remains safe and road-ready throughout the duration of your project.

Utility Trailers: Everyday Versatility

Utility trailers are perfect for personal or light commercial use, offering versatility and a wide range of applications. Whether you’re moving household items, hauling landscaping materials, or transporting recreational equipment, utility trailers are your go-to choice for everyday towing needs.

Key features of utility trailers include:

  1. Open design for easy loading and unloading
  2. Various sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different loads
  3. Removable and fold-down gates for added convenience

When selecting a utility trailer rental, assess the dimensions and weight of your cargo to ensure it fits within the trailer’s capacity and size limitations.

Dump Trailers: Heavy-Duty Hauling

For more substantial and demanding projects, dump trailers provide the muscle you need for efficient and heavy-duty hauling. Ideal for construction, landscaping, and renovation projects, these trailers are engineered to carry significant loads and effortlessly unload materials with their hydraulic lift systems.

Key features of dump trailers include:

  1. Sturdy design for safe transportation of heavy loads
  2. Hydraulic lift system for simple and effective unloading
  3. High weight capacities to handle large-scale projects

When considering a dump trailer rental, ensure your vehicle can support the weight capacity of the trailer and its intended load, and acquaint yourself with its hydraulic lift system for safe operation.

Enclosed Trailers: Secure and Protected Transport

For situations requiring additional security and protection from the elements, enclosed trailers are an ideal solution. These trailers offer a fully enclosed space to safeguard your cargo from weather, road debris, theft, and damage.

Key features of enclosed trailers include:

  1. Completely closed design for added security and protection
  2. Range of sizes to accommodate different cargo dimensions and volumes
  3. Tie-down points and interior lighting for added convenience

When choosing an enclosed trailer rental, consider the height and width of your cargo and opt for a trailer with adequate space to comfortably transport your goods.

Flat-Deck Trailers: Hauling Large and Bulky Items

If your project involves transporting large or oversized items (such as equipment, vehicles, or machinery), flat-deck trailers offer the ideal hauling solution. With their open platform design and low deck height, these trailers provide ample space and accessibility for loading and unloading cumbersome items.

Key features of flat-deck trailers include:

  1. Open and flat design for accessible loading and unloading
  2. Suitable for oversized or irregularly-shaped items
  3. Ramps, winches, and multiple tie-down points for secure hauling

When selecting a flat-deck trailer rental, measure the dimensions and weight of your cargo to ensure compatibility with the trailer’s specifications.


There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to trailer rentals. Each type of trailer offers unique features tailored to specific needs and applications. By carefully considering your requirements and familiarizing yourself with the various types of trailers available, you can confidently choose the perfect rental match that fits your needs and makes your project a resounding success.

For expert advice and an extensive selection of high-quality trailers to suit any project give Mountain View Trailer Rentals a call. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find rental trailers in Calgary that caters to your unique requirements.

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